How to Nominate a Hall of Fame Candidate


Anyone may nominate an athlete, coach, team, event or contributor for consideration of induction into the Shasta County Sports Hall of Fame. The nomination must be submitted on the official nomination form that can be obtained from the Shasta County Sports Hall of Fame.

Eligible nominees must meet the following prerequisites: To be eligible for enshrinement in the Shasta County Sports Hall of Fame a nominee should have

    • Been born in Shasta county and/or

    • Attended school in Shasta county and/or

    • Had primary residence in Shasta county while active in sport endeavor and/or

    • Performed in Shasta county and/or made significant contributions to sports in Shasta county, the nation or the world, either as a competitor, coach, manager or general benefactor.

    • Must have had outstanding success as a competitor (excelled) at the highest national or international level of competition. (If nominated in the athlete category).

    • Should be retired from competition or coaching at least two (2) years if nominated in athlete, coach or manager category.

    • Exhibited integrity, sportsmanship, good citizenship and character; however, the "athlete" is judged primarily on his/her accomplishments in their chosen sport.

Excellence beyond the ordinary is required for coaches, managers and contributors. Longevity alone is not acceptable.

The next deadline to submit is any time before June 1, 2023. The nomination is then submitted to a seven- (7) member selection committee during the month of June 2020. A candidate must receive at least five affirmative votes of the seven. Those declared as elected for the Shasta County Sports Hall of Fame shall be announced in July 2023 and be inducted during a ceremony to be announced.

The Induction Ceremony/Enshrinement Dinner is held every five years.

No individual inductee will be formally inducted without his/her approval or the approval of his/her family.